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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am Maru Review

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There are only three movies that I can watch over and over, day after day. I am Maru (Maru Desu) just happens to be one of them. For over a year I have been watching videos of this adorable box-sliding, round-faced cat. He takes up a large space on my Youtube favorites, and a small little space of my box-shaped heart.

When I saw that Maru released a DVD, I knew that I had to get it! Let me tell you something: IT IS WORTH THE $30.00! Not only do you get to see him play in boxes, as usual. You also get to see footage not previously shown online. On top of that, the whole movie is captioned in both Japanese and English!

The film starts out with basic information on Maru and a background story (i.e. when he was born, how tall he is, how much he weighs, why his name is Maru (it means "round" in Japanese). Through out the movie you get to see him eat, play in the bath, go for a walk in the garden, get brushed, play with his toys, and much more! In between each segment you get to see some short footage of his grooming routine (brushing his teeth and watching him use the litter box are just two examples).

The special features are just as adorable! You can watch extra footage of him playing in the bathtub, shown in a comic book panel format as well as watch Maru's "Top 10 Slide-ins"! Last, but not least of the special features is Maru's photo slideshow. It features pictures of almost every aspect of Maru's life.

Overall, after watching this movie, I felt very close to Maru. You get to learn so much about him, it's almost as if you personally know him. I am Maru is a very intimate and tasteful look into Maru's life that will melt your heart! If you are a fan of Maru, or even just a cat lover, I promise that this movie will not disappoint!

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